What type of skin for which essential oil

It is an open secret that every individual has a definite type of skin. Was different skin types: oily skin, normal skin, dry skin and combination skin. Some people find themselves even with different skin types.

For example, it may have oily skin in the face and dry on the body or a body part. To care for our skin, it is not as all essential oils that match the type of skin you have. Hence the need to know your skin type in order to better choose the essential oil that will do him good.

Normal skin

Normal skin is neither dry nor greasy, it is soft and smooth to the touch and blushed very rarely . This type of skin does not pull easily tolerate daily attacks. A skin so easy that it does not require any special maintenance. This is the type of skin we would all have.

Recommended Vegetable oil: Rosehip, Argan, Jojoba

Dry Skin

Most often thin and beautiful, without pores, dry skin is a source of tightness and discomfort . In extreme cases, small peels can appear on the nose and cheekbones. The reasons for dry skin are manifold: the stratum corneum water shortage, the hydrolipidic film located on the surface is too thin or damaged and no longer protects the skin, oil runs out. The skin stretches and pulls and exfoliates.

Recommended vegetable oils: Argan, Avocado, Borage, Jojoba, Sesame.

Oily skin

Oily skin often have large pores.  The general appearance of the skin is shiny, the skin tends to shine because of the production of excess sebum .

This type of skin is conducive to pimples and blackheads. In the long term, there is a thickening of the horny layer and the complexion becomes dull gradually. Often the makeup does not and sinks.

Recommended Vegetable oil: Grape Seed, Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn.

Combination skin

Dryer where the sebaceous glands are rare (temples, cheekbones and jaw), it becomes fat on the midline of the face: the famous  T-zone  (forehead, nose and chin).

Characteristic of most skin, it can be a real headache to choose appropriate cosmetics.

Recommended Vegetable oil: Grape Seed, Jojoba, Nigella

» What type of skin for which essential oil