The essential oil of carrot skin

Before the summer, the oily macerate carrot, grated carrots or the carrots accompanied you may have juice to prepare your skin to receive sunlight. Autumn is here, it’s time for your skin to benefit from vegetable argan oil bio for flexibility, vegetable oil organic rose hip essential for tightening and oil carrot, not for beta carotene (it has none) but for its remarkable regenerative and anti-wrinkle properties that will strengthen the skins roughed.

Restorative facial oil

Mixing anti imperfections 1%


  • essential carrot oil: 0.3 ml or 5 drops
  • vegetable oil argan: 20 ml
  • vegetable oil rose hip bio: 10 ml

Step 1

Put the essential oil in a 30 ml bottle.

2nd step

Add vegetable oils. Shaking, it’s ready!

Directions: apply 2 drops of the mixture, the evening after cleansing the skin in circular movements.

Brown stains

On your hand a brown task appears . pour eight drops of essential oil of carrot in a bottle of 10 ml vegetable oil Rosehip Organic and apply daily. Your stain fades and disappears.

Source:   The big guide of essential oils, Fabienne Millet

» The essential oil of carrot skin