Roll on essential oils and how to use essential oils without knowing anything about it.

You may have used essential oils or maybe not? You dare not mix them to enjoy their synergy? You do not want to buy 5 or 6 essential oil bottles to solve your problem? I have the solution for you: These are the roll-on essential oils.

In what follows, you’ll discover an easy way to use essential oils, without using recipes or preparations, I will introduce the roll-on essential oils.

What a roll on with essential oils?

A roll-on essential oils is simply a ready blend of essential oils that act synergistically to treat a problem.

This little bottle has at its end a small roller skating ball that turns and easy to apply this mixture of essential oils to the desired location without altering the quality of essential oils.

Why you should have one roll of essential oils?

A roll it fits easily in the bag

Another advantage is a  roll-on essential oils is compact and can easily fit into a bag. It is much more convenient than carrying 5 or 6 bottles of essential oils. For my part, I always handy and it makes me well its daily services so they are convenient to use.

A ready recipe. Nothing to do to use

The mixture is ready and you do not need to know a recipe and you can not go wrong

A little sore, a sudden stress, a button on the face, headache, stuffy nose, . and simply draw your roll up with essential oils to soothe, heal or treat the problem.

What roll it make you happy?

Here are my favorite roll is the essential oils. Well I’m not here to advertise for a particular brand, but I like the LadrĂ´me we roll that are 100% natural and organic, including synergies between essential oils are well studied.

Sometimes I buy roll on the mark SoBioetic else in SuperU. They are very well.

Roll on stress and emotion with essential oils

A to work stress sudden bad news, the need to resume quickly, it’s probably roll on essential oils for you.

And its composition is not least, essential oil of lavender, essential oil of bitter orange essential oil ylang ylang, mandarin essential oil, essential oil of scentless chamomile.

The bitter orange oil affects claiming sedative and recognized the Ylang Ylang is a component of many perfumes and massage oils and is very relaxed , the Mandarin is typically used for anxiety, stress and the agitation.

Simple to use, simply apply it roll on light massage on the solar plexus or wrists to restore calm, serenity and calm with a positive mind.

Roll on buttons and impurities

Stress, a little tired and that’s an ugly button that appears on the face . This roll up with essential oils use synergy with essential oils purifying and cleansing: Lavender, Palmarosa, Rosemary verbenone, Tea Tree and Lavender aspic.

The essential oil of palmarosa is known for its use against acne, eczema and fungal infections. Rosemary verbenone is generally used for dry skin against acne, in case of seborrhea or rosacea.

This roll is easy to apply, with a single gesture locally and can repair in erase imperfections and leaves a smooth and clear skin.

Discover the roll on buttons and impurities – CLick here

Roll on shock and blue essential oils

I love this roll on because its composition is made of organic arnica oil, vegetable oil specialist for this problem and especially 5 essential oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Bay Laurel, Helichrysum and Wintergreen. You can not do better!

The essential oil of peppermint in particular an original action and almost unique to lower the temperature at the application but it is also an anti inflammatory skin oil.

The Wintergreen is simply the standard in pain. The Helichrysum is unparalleled solution against bruises and skin problems, she has a strong power anti hematoma.

I advise you to have it roll on with essential oils in the pocket, especially if you have kids.

So convinced by the roll-on essential oils?

Frankly, if you do not have the habit of using essential oils if you want to take maximum advantage of the synergies between them , if you want simple and natural solutions to your everyday problems , do not hesitate a moment and obtain multiple roll up with essential oils.

» Roll on essential oils and how to use essential oils without knowing anything about it.