Red Myrtle: Essential oil for mucous congestion.

The essential oil of myrtle red is obtained by steam distillation of water twigs of myrtle (Myrtus communis). It is a small tree whose flowers are white with many stamens. It is found mostly in Tunisia, Morocco, Corsica or Spain.

Do not confuse with the essential oil of myrtle green with different properties.

Properties and precautions on the essential oil of red myrtle

It is a liquefying and expectorant essential oil . You can use it for sinusitis, bronchitis or serous otitis and generally to mucosal congestion. I’ll give you a little further revenue for these diseases.

It is also a great circulatory tonic and is recommended for heavy legs and hemorrhoids. It is also used for muscle cramps, body aches or a preparation for sport.

Do not use the essential oil of red myrtle for women pregnant or nursing , or for a child under 7 years old without the advice of your pharmacist.

red myrtle: Practical recipes for winter illnesses

Here are some handy recipes for some diseases of winter.


For rhinitis, here’s how to use the red myrtle:

  • 2 drops of essential oil of red myrtle
  • on a neutral tablet 3 times daily.


It can also be used in cases of nasopharyngitis with this recipe:

  • 1 drop of red myrtle
  • 1 drop of shells marjoram
  • On a neutral tablet, 3 times a day

There is a very good synergy with the essential oil of shells marjoram (Origanum majorana) is anti-infectious and is often used for rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis or acute bronchitis.

Air purification

It is always good to clear the air of his home. The red myrtle you can be of great value to this. You can stream 10 drops in an essential oil diffuser for 15 minutes is sufficient.

Other uses of the red myrtle

The red myrtle might as well make your services in the following cases:

Muscle aches

As this essential oil is a good tonic muscle , you can use for muscular aches with this recipe:

  • 2 drops of wintergreen
  • 2 drops of lavender (or true)
  • 2 drops of red myrtle
  • 10 drops vegetable oil macadamia

Massage the sore muscles with this massage oil 3 times a day.

Note that the Wintergreen is an essential oil analgesic and anti-inflammatory , often used by athletes to tendonitis or sciatic pain.

Digestive spasms

The red myrtle is antispasmodic. If digestive spasms, use a few drops in massage on the solar plexus.

Venous and lymphatic disorders

The red myrtle is venous and lymphatic decongestant. You can use a few drops rubbed on the legs.

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