Mixture of anti acne oils

One of my sisters has acne and it is really not easy every day, so I prepared for she a mixture of anti acne oils. It is a small lotion based on vegetable oil NON.FATTY and essential oils ANTI ACNE.



In a 50ml bottle, I put half VEGETABLE OIL JOJOBA (it regulates SEBUM). With 5 drops of ESSENTIAL OIL TEA TREE, 3 drops of LAVENDER (any) and 3 drops of rosemary.

These essential oils are purifying, they eliminate pimples and blackheads.


You can replace the HAZEL by Jojoba. Both are called LIGHT oils, they leave no oily effect, no greasy on your face and REGULATE excess sebum. Perfect for skin with acne TREND.

Also, if you only have one essential oil on the three, you can do this lotion and add 10 drops.


Of ALL the face, morning and evening with a cotton like a lotion. Do not rinse.


After a few weeks, fewer pimples and blackheads. A SMOOTH NOURRIT and skin. A faceless and DIRT PURIFIED.


These oils are available at Mademoiselle Bio-. They are also found in drugstore, biocoop, organic shop, shopping radius health centers and well being.

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