Essential oils for a radiant face

Essential oils for a radiant face?

In aromatherapy radius, discover the essence and beauty recipe for you. Aromatherapy offers customized solutions to address all the little imperfections. Follow the advice of our expert targeted.

Essential oils are increasingly used in cosmetics. Thanks to their properties nourishing, purifying, astringent and soothing, they beautify skin and hair. But caution with their instructions: they must be diluted and its use is not recommended in pregnant and lactating women and to children under 3 years. People on treatment should seek advice from their doctor. To treat skin problems, hair or nails, discover homemade recipes of our expert, Dr. Philippe Goëb, doctor and aromatherapist.

1 Anti-wrinkle cream

Over time, the accumulated fatigue and repetitive facial expressions (frown, smile .) finally show our face.

What essential oil (ET)? The carrot ET for its ability to regenerate skin. Warning: to use without any dermatological lesion.

The recipe. Take a dab of your usual cream in your hand and add 1 to 2 drops of carrot ET. Mix well before applying this mixture to the face and neck. In two days, the skin nourished, is more beautiful. After one month, wrinkles are less pronounced.

2 anti-blackhead mask

Too excited, sebaceous glands secrete sebum excess. Result, the skin shines, thickens, pores get clogged favoring the appearance of unsightly pimples.

What essential oil? Dr. Goeb recommends using tree hydrolate tea, with the purifying properties.

The recipe. Mix tea tree hydrosol with green clay (found in organic store) until a smooth paste, resembling a pancake batter. Apply this mixture on your face, being careful to avoid the eye area. Let stand 15 minutes before rinse your face with water.

3 Serum dry skin

Because lack of water and nutrients, the skin dries out and feels tight. He became so uncomfortable that one has the impression of wearing a cardboard mask on the face.

What essential oil? That of pelargonium graveolens for its nourishing properties.

The recipe. Mix a drop of this ET to 4 drops of vegetable oil Rosehip and Argan. Apply to dry areas (face, hands, body .). Again, in a month, the skin will regain all its comfort.

4 Cleansing Care

Makeup, pollution, sweat, sebum . choke the skin in the evening. In the evening, a good cleansing is needed to breathe the skin and clarify the complexion.

What essential oil? The laurel hydrolat, purifying.

The recipe. Because hydrolate is no side effects for the skin, you can use pure on a disk to remove. As a precaution, avoid the eye area.

5 Mask radiance

Fatigue, stress, poor diet . ended up having because of your peach complexion.

What essential oil? This carrot because it illuminates the skin and regenerates.

The recipe. In 4 tablespoons argan oil, add 3 drops of carrot ET. Spread the mixture on your face and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing. If really dull complexion, then add 2 drops of EO carrot to a hazelnut your night cream.

6 Cream stain

These brown spots that appear on the hands, face and décolleté are mainly due to an abuse of the sun. Fortunately, it is possible to mitigate them.

What essential oils? This incense, neroli and sandalwood with lightening properties.

The recipe. Add 1 drop of each EST in a dab of your usual cream. Mix well and apply every night after your cleansed skin. To make treatment a month.

7 Baume feeding

For lips

Halfway between skin and mucosa, devoid of stratum corneum and sebaceous glands, our lips are easy prey for the cold. Result: all winter, they are at increased risk of chapping and cracking. For shelter, nourishing stick is essential.

What essential oil? That of rosewood, with nourishing properties.

The recipe. Melt in a water bath 15 g of shea butter and beeswax. Stir in 12 ml of sweet almond oil, 10 ml of rose hydrosol and a drop of rosewood ET. Mix, let cool and place in small pots.

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