Essential oils and eczema

It will therefore always cut with vegetable oils (sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, ideal for skin, or apricot oil, for example) by diluting a portion of essential oils in ten oil servings vegetable.

It is considered that 30 drops of essential oils equivalent to 10% of a 10 ml bottle.

Before applying, it is advisable to energize the essential oils taking the bottle with both hands and shaking it by turning in the direction of clockwise.

Essential oils to fight against eczema due to stress

mixtures of essential oils will preferably use one (HE) for combining their different actions.


  • 4 drops (g) Roman camomile HE which has the characteristic of being anti-inflammatory times, antiseptic, antipririgineuse and wound while being very soft;
  • 4 g of HE petitgain bitter orange for its regenerative and revitalizing virtues on the skin, but also for its anti-depressant (we know that eczema often generates significant depressed);
  • 2 g of EO ylang ylang séborégulatrice for its virtues and toning of the skin;
  • 2 g ET lemon verbena to promote calm and sleep;
  • 6 g of mint ET if severe itching;
  • 20 ml of vegetable oil (HV) of Calendula (healing).

Apply this mixture several times a day on eczema areas having mixed and left to stand overnight.

The ideal is to apply the mixture after his morning toilet and before bed

Essential oils against atopic dermatitis in adults

In general, to fight against the dry eczema as against atopic dermatitis essential oil of German chamomile or chamomile is especially indicated.

One can also make a special preparation.

To this mix:

  • 4 g of HE palmarosa, an astringent oil, moisturizing and healing;
  • 2 g of EO Roman chamomile, antipruritic, analgesic and antiallergic;
  • 2 g of lavender HE, analgesic, antidepressant, skin regenerative and healing (it is very useful in chronic eczema);
  • 1 g of HE tarragon, antiviral, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory;
  • 1 g annual tansy HE, antihistamine, analgesic and antipruritic;
  • 50 ml of HV wheat germ.

Apply the mixture three times a day.

Aromatherapy against dry patches

We still use the essential oils of chamomile in case of herpes.

It allows general fight against eczema and dermatitis all. It will have an anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic action.

Essential oils for contact dermatitis

If contact dermatitis requires the ouster of the allergen responsible, however, it may be relieved by a preparation of essential oils consists of:

  • 2 g of immortal HE (or Helichrysum), for its healing and astringent properties in the skin;
  • 2 g of lavender HE to analgesic properties, regenerative and dermal wound healing;
  • 1 g of Roman chamomile HE to antiallergic properties, analgesic and antipruritic;
  • 1 g of HE myrrh both anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but also extremely healing;
  • 5 ml d’HV de Calophylle Inophyle ;
  • 15 ml of argan oil.

Apply this mixture 4 times daily until symptoms disappear.

Note that in case of oozing eczema, is the juniper ET that will prove extremely effective.

Preparations ready against eczema

The laboratory offers Aromalia of HE preparations already ready to use against eczema:

  • Formula soberly called “Eczema” based rosewood ET, black spruce and geranium blended with the macadamia;
  • Aromaderm 7, based on seawater, Virola oleifera (a South American tree), alpha-bisa bololdu from the candeia bark, and chamazulene (present in HE city ​​or Roman chamomile).

In both cases, take the time to shake the vial before spraying to the affected area. Rub with a gentle massage and repeat 3 times a day for an adult.

» Essential oils and eczema