Cosmetics: what essential oils against oily skin?

Many essential oils can be recommended in case of oily skin. You can use an oil such as ylang-ylang. It is traditionally used for oily skin and also when you have scalp a little fat. It is for example put a few drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang in his shampoo. All essential oils should be used with caution and diluted. the oral route should remain the exception and not more than three drops per day regardless circumstances. Then diluted. it can be put directly into a product, in this case the shampoo. if not for general actions, they can be applied at the wrist or sternum.

“Some essential oils have anti-infective properties and in this case, they can be applied to the sternum. For oily skin, you can put three drops of essential oil in a bowl of warm water and rinse the face with.”

“In this case, it is the emanation of the gasoline that is volatile which will act and have an effect on the skin. But if we apply the essential oil directly on the sternum or on the wrist, diffusion capacity the body is amazing. the essential oil passes through the body. A test is to put a few drops of essential oil of mint on the soles of the feet. After waiting a few minutes, if you exhale, your breath smells mint. She went through the whole body.

“However we must take caution with the essential oil of mint and especially with children and babies because the mint has a cooling power very strong. This can create a surprise. And in children, it can cause spasms laryngeal. It is important not to use the essential oil of mint in babies. “

Hydration minute

Dry skin lacking lipids or hydration needs to have her repaired protective film feeds so that hydration is preserved. An aromatic blend of conjugated vegetable oil suitable help to regenerate naturally.

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  • 1 vial (50 ml) vegetable oil of apricot kernel
  • 15 drops of EO of Italy Organic hélycrise
  • 30 drops of ET wood ho
  • 30 drops of essential oils of geranium


  • Be sure to clean your skin with products tailored to your needs (soft and soothing).
  • Prepare your aromatic blend vegetable oil in a bottle of apricot kernels by pouring essential oil of Italy hélycrise oil + essential oil + ho wood essential oil of geranium.
  • Mix and apply on clean skin.

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