He decided to study the therapeutic properties of essential oils and discovers that they are anti-infective, anesthetic and healing. In the 60s, Dr. Jean Valnet resumes the work of Gatefossé and made new discoveries. Today, both are considered the fathers of modern aromatherapy.

The essential oil

precious essence extracted from the plant, the essential oil is always in liquid form. It contains no fat and can contain up to several hundred different molecules. Each essential oil and has a specific property: it can have purifying effects, antiseptic and calming.

Expert in aromatherapy, DECLÉOR uses the energy of these essential oils in the service of beauty:

50 essential oils are involved in more than 120 formulations.

A benefit for the skin

Like the plant that ensures balance by selecting the best of its environment, the skin naturally maintains its own ecosystem. When one suffers from imbalance, essential oils, in perfect affinity with the skin, penetrate deeply to deliver their benefits and rebalance the skin.

The quality of the sourcing

With extreme care in the selection of essential oils, DECLÉOR was able to identify the best suppliers. The laboratories control the traceability of each raw material, checking his background and chemotype. No compromise with quality, but a total commitment to excellence.

The expertise in the extraction

From traditional distillation methods meticulous split sharpest, DECLÉOR opts for the extraction process which provides for each species, the best composition and best quality essential oils. The distilling method is fundamental to extract the best from nature for the skin.

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