Anguish, Anxiety: How to fight with Essential Oils

We all have moments of anxiety, anxiety but when the panic attacks are repeated, it is time to find solutions. In the following lines, discover how a natural, essential oils can help you fight against anxiety and anxiety.

Anguish, Anxiety: A phenomenon society

Anxiety, such as anxiety, correspond to a high stress condition akin to fear but fear without object, without real threat.

This feeling of insecurity caused by the anguish and anxiety affects 15% of us at least once in our lives . It is three times more prevalent than depression much talked more.

The anxiety attacks are the final stage of the anxiety disorder .

Anguish, anxiety are problems that can hang from childhood. major obstacle to well-being, so to happiness is an emotion that you really try to learn to channel.

Several methods exist to treat anxiety or anxiety and essential oils can bring you fast and natural solutions .

Anguish, anxiety: the secret of Essential Oils

Many essential oils have remarkable effects on the anguish and anxiety . Used alone, in combination or massage, it will bring you a wellness quickly.

Anguish, anxiety: The essential oil of Angelica

This is a very effective essential oil at intense stress accompanied by fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety, anxiety .

Before that stress sets in, pour a few drops of essential oil of Angelica in a bottle containing a little sweet almond oil and breathe in the bottle or use it in massage.

The Roman Chamomile or Noble

The Roman chamomile is calming and antispasmodic essential oil. It is indicated for anxiety, nervousness, sleep disorders, colic and muscle cramps.

Breathe directly open bottle for 2 to 3 seconds to lift the anguish, anxiety. Calmly and deeply.

For Chamomile Noble, here is a more effective recipe against the anguish and anxiety :

  • 1 drop of Chamomile Noble
  • 1 drop of Small Grain Bigardier
  • On a neutral tablet, 2 to 3 times per day.

Neroli Bitter Orange to fight against anxiety and nervous tension

This is an essential oil known as a nerve sedative. It will be used for anxiety, nervousness, sleep disorders.

  • Put 2 drops of Neroli Bitter orange on a neutral tablet
  • and repeat 3 times a day in case of anxiety or anxiety.

 Other income for the anxiety-anxiety with essenteilles oils

See Recipe against anxiety-anxiety against the following picture.

A more complete formula against the anguish and anxiety but request to have 5 different essential oils to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of each of them against the anguish and anxiety.

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